Our United Voice

A Love of Language. A Love of Books.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Judy Schroeder
Senior Manager,
Neighborhood Engagement
When I was little, I can remember only one set of books in the house. My dad read the paper. But my mom would open up My Book House, the BIG BOOK of nursery rhymes, and the next volume with fairy tales from around the world. Now, that was a long time ago…once upon a time…but I don’t remember any of my neighbor friends having lots of children’s books, either.

Maybe that’s why I can relate so well to Metro United Way's Ages & Stages Questionnaires (ASQ) and the families enrolled, as well as our neighborhood parent advocates. The day I got that Golden Book, What Do Daddies Do All Day?, it was absolutely precious to me. (My daddy was just starting out as a mailman.)

So, how did I find this love for language that I have? For expressing myself? For being curious about others? For reading? My mother talked to me, that’s how. She actually asked questions, my whole life. Even as an infant, I’m sure, because I watched her do that with each of my brothers and sisters.