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Staying Healthy and Getting Smart with “FamilyWize”

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

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By Jan Sherrell
Our vision at Metro United Way is a community whose people achieve their fullest potential through education, financial stability and healthy lives – the building blocks of a good quality of life. Without access to quality healthcare, individuals are unable to thrive and this affects our overall community health.

That’s why I’m excited that Metro United Way is participating with FamilyWize, a program that offers free prescription drug discount cards, in a partnership approved by United Way Worldwide.

40% of adults don’t buy the medicine they need, have difficulty affording it or reduce the required dosage because of the high cost. FamilyWize free prescription drug discount cards can save individuals up to 75% on prescriptions; on average, savings are 35% or $20 per prescription. $2.5 million has been saved in our community through the use of FamilyWize free prescription cards over the last several years, including $700,000 just this past year.

 Learn more about the program at www.familywize.org, including:

•    The card is accepted at most pharmacies, including all major chains.
•    Anyone can use the card.
•    There is no enrollment, eligibility, paperwork or fee and no personal information is collected or shared.
•    One card is good for the entire family and it is valid for nine years.
•    These cards can be used for any prescription not covered by insurance and covers all medicine not covered by insurance, Medicaid, Medicare or other benefit plans.
•    People will not save every time over the pharmacy price, but they will about 8 times out of 10.

At Metro United Way, we connect the people and organizations with the passion, expertise and resources needed to get things done. And we need YOUR help in distributing the FamilyWize cards throughout our community to people who have no prescription coverage. To assist us in sharing this free prescription assistance and to support your community, please visit www.familywize.org or you can also e-mail me for more information.

Working together, this is what it means to Live United.


Jan Sherrell

Jan Sherrell is Senior Manager of Basic Needs at Metro United Way. Her role has evolved over her 13 years at Metro United Way, beginning in the Southern Indiana office, and most recently as the primary contact with our funded agency partners. In her current role, she is supporting emergency food, shelter, safety services and more.

Jan is proud to be a Diamond Donor supporting Metro United way for over 31 years.

Jan can be reached at Jan.Sherrell@MetroUnitedWay.org


  1. $2.5 Million saved so far? Nice! Huzzah for FamilyWize!

  2. This sounds like a great program.

    My husband rarely buys medicine because he loves being the martyr and putting up with the illness rather than spending so much money on medications. (Yes - he's THAT sort of guy)!!

    This would be a nice thing to throw up at him though and is sure to help a lot of people with health concerns.

    Tanya Green
    Stay safe!


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